Texas Winter in Laredo

By: Gilbert Garcia
Parishioner/Men’s Choir Director – San Luis Rey Church, Laredo

150278223_10219613771716448_650163057357749229_nThe community of San Luis Rey, located in Laredo, TX as you may know is down in South Texas. Weather for South Texas is usually mild in the winter with very few extremely cold days. If we are lucky enough during the winter season, which is usually in February, we can possibly get a handful of days of 30° weather. Well this year wasn’t the case. Beginning Feb. 12, 2021 for about a week, the southern part of Texas experienced a deep freeze. Some placed were in the single digit readings. Here in Laredo, we got down to a morning low of 17°. There was about 65-70% of homes without Electricity and Water or both. Many homes had broken water lines due to the freezing temperatures and supplies for parts were limited around town. Several families were without power for almost 4 days. One of our Sunday masses had to be canceled due to the inclement weather and icy road conditions around town.

However the community of San Luis Rey was always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Parishioners were checking up on each other, taking a warm meal or blankets to those that didn’t have the essentials. Helping each other in times of need and spreading the love of God during difficult times, shows the unity of this community as a Salesian Family.

San Luis Rey along with the community; has a food pantry available all year round for such circumstances and is always being supplied by donations from its parishioners. With the grace of God and Mother Mary, we have been able to get thru this Texas Winter together as a city as a parish and community.

Thank you for your continual prayers and concern for us.