First Steps in Your Exercise Routine

By: Sheila Kun RN, BSN, MS, CPN, FCCP
Salesian Cooperator

What are the first steps in establishing your exercise routine? I hope you have read the previous articles the last 2 weeks to convince yourself that there is no negotiation when it comes to exercise and your health. It is essential to maintain nourishments to your health. Let me summarize the key steps in establishing a good routine for this very important component of your daily living. The following is abstracted from The Everything Guide to the Insulin Resistance
Diet. The authors are Ms. Marie Feldman and Jodi Dalyai.

  1. Talk to your doctor about what exercises are good for you. In most cases, your doctor will support your desire to start an exercise plan.
  2. Consider your physical ability to perform certain activities that you can do. For example, I would not choose weight lifting as I don’t really care about using equipment.
  3. Include activities that you enjoy or you have started doing; some good ideas that I borrowed is gardening. I was not an avid gardener until during the lockdown that I decided to maintain active. Now gardening is part of my weekend routine after walking around the neighborhood for an hour in the morning. I love to watch travel programs on the weekend. But I told myself I could not be lying on the couch and do nothing until I finish my daily walk and gardening. To bargain for more TV time, I would do some light cooking in between my TV programs.
  4. Be consistent. My fellow Salesian Cooperator Stella Beltran taught me 30 years ago that one has to be consistent to attain a goal. This good advice stays with me all my life; I am faithful to my Zumba program Monday through Friday and adherent to my neighborhood walk on the weekends. So far so good, my exercise program and I are compatible.
  5. Ease into an exercise program so that it is sustainable for you. Don’t start a marathon when you are still huffing and puffing after a 30 minutes walk.
  6. Consider the resources available to you: gym, workout equipment or simply a safe route to walk along near your home.

Remember to be honest about your likelihood to maintain the plan. You need to enjoy these activities. Think of programs that you could do alone or with others.

Get ready and pick your exercise routine NOW.

Your homework from the Care Ministry this week: there is no more excuse, JUST DO IT!

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