Archbishop Savio Hon, SDB visited St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church

By:  Joseph Ng
Salesian Cooperator – St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church

St. Bridget Salesian Cooperators welcomed Archbishop Savio Hon, SDB.

Greetings from St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church.  On August 14, 2021, Archbishop Savio Hon, Salesian of Don Bosco (SDB), who currently serves as the Apostolic Nuncio to Greece, presented a short lecture on the topic of St. Joseph and the Catholic Church in China and Hong Kong. More than 80 parishioners and friends attended the lecture at St. Bridget’s. 

Archbishop Savio Hon, SDB presenting a short lecture on St. Joseph.

In his lecture, Archbishop Hon shared the message that St. Joseph is a righteous, but ultimately common, man. Upon hearing that Mary, his bride-to-be, was pregnant, an angel visited St. Joseph in a dream and told him that Mary had conceived through the Holy Spirit and that the child would be called Jesus. With total faith in God, St. Joseph raised Jesus as his own son. Through this lesson, Archbishop Hon underscored the importance of the father in the family and in raising children. He then presented an overview of the last 70 years of the Catholic Church in China and the recent developments in Hong Kong.

Archbishop Hon was present to celebrate the Vigil Mass of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. During Mass, he commemorated several milestones wedding anniversaries, including seven couples with wedding anniversaries ranging from 5 years to 53 years of marriage.  The St. Bridget community thanked the couples for setting an excellent example of love and fidelity to each other, their families, and to the Church.

After Mass, the St. Bridget Salesian Cooperators, the Parish Pastoral Council, couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries, and parishioners invited Archbishop to a Chinese dinner.

Celebrating 7 couples with wedding anniversaries ranging from 5 years to 53 years of marriage.