Our commitment to Camp Savio

By Joselyn Rivera
Camp Counselor

What does “Commitment” Even Mean?

Commitment is a promise to stick to your values even when times are hard. When I start thinking about commitment the first thing I get reminded of are relationships, but commitment isn’t just that. Other things that require commitment would be working out, having a job, or being part of an organization just like Savio. 

Just How Committed is Everyone in Savio?

Well since I have been coming to all the scheduled meetings all I can say is commitment is everywhere in Savio. Camp all first starts after the Friday meeting because that’s where everything gets introduced. Such as westie, rules, dances, and cheers. After those fun Friday meetings that’s where the scary interviews come in, Grammy’s, training week, and finally camp. Half of these events are still happening while everyone is still in school so while preparing for camp we also must turn in assignments and finish homework. Going to all these meetings does require a lot of sacrifices and since counselors have made the sacrifices it proves their commitment.

Counselors Interviews

I was able to interview a few counselors to ask them what they thought it means to be committed. 

“The thing that gets me up to be here at Savio is knowing that what I’m doing here is making a difference in not only the hearts and minds in campers but in counselors as well.”
– Justin P.

“The thing that motivates me to be here by 8 in the morning is the kids. I love the kids because their smiles make me happy. Even though I have my ups and downs, I know I can count on these kids to get me throughout the day.”
– Emmanuel G.

“The thing that keeps me committed to Savio is the energy and the vibes given from counselors to campers. Camp also keeps me motivated to pursue my teaching career path.”
– Justin G

“The way I can prove I am committed to Savio is by being here every day and the impact I have on kids.”
– Joaquin P

Commitment is important in all aspects of life, especially here in camp. Counselors have proven to be committed to camp and their campers.