Divine Secrets (Part VI)

By: Sheila Kun RN, BA, BSN, MS Last week we discussed the fifth Divine Secret: Locate New, Old Friends. Friends help to reintegrate our seniors who are going through loss and re-connect with them familiar faces, friendship and fond memories. Our last Divine Secret this week is: Some Things Never Change. For our last “divine secret” let us restate an obvious truth: despite the reality … Continue reading Divine Secrets (Part VI)

What I learned at Camp Savio

By Joselyn RiveraCamp Counselor What has Camp taught me? Camp has taught us many things whether it’s cheers, dances, or how to become more responsible. It has taught us to be more patient and to have better communication with everyone just in general. Before camp I was really nervous and was just in my own zone, I didn’t want to talk to anyone but that … Continue reading What I learned at Camp Savio