Corpus Christi Church in San Francisco Re-Opening!

By: Fr. Jesse Montes, SDB
Corpus Christi Church – San Francisco, CA

Corpus Christi Church, San Francisco, reopened its doors to parishioners and the public on Sunday, June 14, 2020.  With the most stringent regulations and a large crew of volunteers, the congregation will feel comfortable and safe in its surroundings. The organizations and volunteers who have offered their services have already held two meetings under the direction of Fr. Tom Thodukulam, pastor. The masses will remain the same as the preCovid-19 schedule with the addition of an additional mass in Spanish in the Hall. No one will be allowed in without a mask. We are thankful and grateful to Almighty God.

Fr. Tom Thodukulam, SDB (Pastor), with Fr. Jesse Montes, SDB, Fr. Al Pestun, SDB, and Fr. Ed Liptak, SDB.

One thought on “Corpus Christi Church in San Francisco Re-Opening!

  1. Great article by Br. Al Vu….As a member of the Black Community and a alumni of St. John Bosco, I am proud of the Salesians still in my life and the foundation that they helped me build. Br. Al’s comments are on point and very well stated.

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