Virtual Stations of the Cross, Ss. Peter and Paul Church, San Francisco

By: Anita and Vince Manfreda
Teachers at the parish school, Associates at the Club, and Cooperators in Formation

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The COVID-19 pandemic stopped many activities in their tracks and separated us from many people we love. During tough times, we are always called to mind that nothing can stop or separate us from God’s Love. There is no greater example of this love than Christ’s passion and path to the cross. The Cooperators at Saints Peter and Paul Church were given the special task by Pastor Gael Sullivan of hosting virtual Stations of the Cross and soup suppers from Ash Wednesday to the end of the Lenten season. Each week, our Salesian community was reminded of its rich history and diversity with hosts such as: The Young Adults Group, The Italian Alumni, Chinese Apostate, CCD Program, Walk for Life, Salesian Families and teens from the Salesian Boys’ and Girls’ Club. Most of all, we all got the opportunity for fellowship and to celebrate God’s perfect love and the promise of eternal life here is a snapshot of our Club’s turn to host.