A 10-Week Plan for Reversing Insulin Resistance

Abstract by: Sheila Kun RN, BSN, BA, MS

I am a practical person. So when I came across “The Everything Guide to the Insulin Resistance Diet “ by Ms. M. Feldman and J. Dalyai, I gave them a thumb up for some very good easy to follow tips.  For the next 4 weeks, I will present to you their 10-Week Plan for Reversing Insulin Resistance. As a reminder of the definition of insulin resistance, it is a condition where the body is unable to use its own insulin properly. I love how they break down the plan into manageable steps by weeks.  It is time to take action.

Week 1: Check Your Portions

Meal portion is everything, even when you choose healthy foods! If you eat large portions, you will have trouble controlling your calories. Using the plate method at lunch and dinner, fill half of your plate with vegetables, one-quarter of starches, and   one-quarter of the plate with meat or meat substitute. A serving of milk and fruit should also be added to each meal.

Your goals for week I

*Give the plate method a try to reduce portion sizes.

*For several days, measure or weigh your food to see just how much you are eating.

Week 2: Eat more vegetables and fruit every day

**The DASH recommendation to eat 4-5 servings each of fruit and vegetables every day sounds like a lot of food, but once you know how to incorporate these foods into your plan it becomes easy. Why that many servings?  It is because fruit and vegetables are nutrient-dense foods with high fiber and lower calories.

Your goals for week 2

*Take two pieces of fruit from home each day to have a midday snack or with lunch.

*Keep raw vegetables washed, cut up, and ready to eat for quick snacks or salads.

Sheila’s note: I hope you like these first two weeks’ plan: they are simple and easy to follow.

Now it is time for action. Next week I will explain the DASH diet in detail.

Your homework from the Care Ministry this week: ACT NOW!

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