Salesian High School retreat at St. Josephs

By: Johnny Martinez
St. Josephs Retreat Coordinator


Greetings Salesian family! We are so proud to share our experience with our brother Salesian High School in Boyle Heights. Last Wednesday October 2nd, 2019, Salesian High was on St. Joseph’s Campus for their freshman retreat. A total of 93 freshmen came together as one to have a rockin good time in the name of the brotherhood and Jesus! The theme was “Where we go one, we go all-We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!” and was centered around the drama of “Remember the Titans” where we see how focusing on our differences has the power to divide; what it takes to come together as one band of brothers. We were blessed to have the presence of Fr. Jim Niebles with us the entire day who mentioned that he was happy to see the students “understand brotherhood and that they are dependent on one another, the joy of the day stood out as well it wasn’t theoretical but practical”. Students had time to run around and learn the value of coming together by actually coming together in our “challenger course”, they had time to reflect on the major themes of the movie and Christ in their lives indoors, and were able to see different situations and experiences their peers are living through at the moment in the inside outside circle.


The joy of the day came to a close in thanksgiving with a celebration of the Holy Eucharist, where Fr. Jim reminded us all of the duty and responsibility of each follower of Christ to reach out to our brothers and sisters who are in need of God’s love and compassion. A parent of a student said “My son came back from St. Joseph’s Retreat Center this week, and had so much fun with his Salesian brother! He told me that no words can be formed to what he experiences at the retreat. He had an amazing time and I owe that to his high school and the retreat staff.” We are beyond grateful to Salesian High for allowing us with to server them and live out our mission of proclaiming the joy of the Gospel to all creatures, it is especially special when we are able to serve our Salesian family. As we journey through this extraordinary mission month, we thank God for an opportunity to live the mission of Jesus through the eyes of Don Bosco, please continue to pray for us as we strive to go into the entire world and proclaim the Gospel (Mk 15:16)

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