2016 Salesian Come and See – Laredo, Texas


By Fr. Jose Lucero, SDB (Vocation Director)

(San Luis Rey Parish – Laredo, TX) – It was my first time experiencing the Jamaica at San Luis Rey Laredo Texas.  What a great experience it was for me to see the parish so vibrant, active, and alive.  The most important part of my visit was to be present to the local people to make an invitation to young men ages 18 to 30 to consider the possibility of spending some time with the community at a Salesian Come and See.  And it turned out to be quite a success.  We had six young men who were there for the weekend of the 15th through the 17th of June who experienced their first Come and See in Laredo, Texas.  It was a great time for prayer, reflection, spending time together, having some good meals, and just being able to spend time with the Salesian community at San Luis Rey Parish.


These young men became so enthused about serving the youth at the parish. As a matter fact, they recently had a follow-up meeting to see about what they can do to bring about more dynamic activities for the young people in the area.  Let us continue to pray for these young men, for their discernment and for San Luis Rey Parish that they we will continue to bring the spirit of Don Bosco to the people they serve, especially the young.


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