Keeping in touch!

By: Fr. Jesse Montes, SDB
Corpus Christi Church – San Francisco, CA

45 minutes with a Salesian of Don Bosco and 45 Minutos con un Salesiano de Don Bosco are two daily programs started by Fr. Jesse Montes, SDB, to keep in contact with the parishioners of Corpus Christi Church in San Francisco.  The program in Spanish begins at two in the afternoon. It is followed by the one in English at three.

The main purpose of the programs, on YouTube and Facebook, was to keep the homebound accompanied and at peace in these very difficult times.  The programs are purposely light and humorous. The varied topics are mainly taken from the recent exhortations of Pope Francis, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, mixed with selections from classic world literature. Also added are humorous quips, fun projects for youth (Origami, beginning art, etc.) and guests. Recently, Fr. Ted, our provincial, stopped by to address the audience. Fr. Tom, Fr. Ed, and Fr. Al have all participated. What was meant to be a local affair now has a listening public in Watsonville, Los Angeles, Missouri, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and other locations.  Interesting story: One listener asked what we were all about.  After explaining our programming, his sole reason for searching our program was because his last name was Bosco.

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Fr. Jesses Montes, SDB during one of the programs session.

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